Deo Volente Media (DVM) is committed to the creation and distribution of faith-based media that encourages, engages, and educates both believers and non-believers.  Through our efforts, we also hope to equip future artists with the tools and training necessary to be a voice for the gospel.

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David D. Dietrich


David is a film school graduate of the University of Southern California.  After graduation he spent the next few years as a small business owner and later a multimedia instructor at a Christian private school.

He currently is the Owner and Founder of Deo Volente Media, which focuses on media development and communications consulting.

A long time lover of the arts (especially film), David creates and markets Christian multimedia through various web-distribution venues.  In his spare time he loves teaching and encouraging others who have an interest in being a voice for their faith, and the gospel, through the arts.

David is married and recently joined the ranks of fatherhood.