The Value of Video

I love photographs.  I love how they can capture an instant, expand a moment and draw attention to every detail causing us to see more every time we look at it.  I love graphic design.  The composting of words and images to create portraits of order and beauty.  I love music.  The rhythms and beats that seem to grab your soul and stir your emotions through the power of sound.  But above all these I love Video.

Video is an amazing medium that combines not only the visual arts of photography and design, but sound and motion as well.   I'm not going to try and lift video above the other mediums mentioned, but for my purposes it is superior to photography, graphic design, or music.  It uses the concepts from all three of these and combines them to tell powerful stories. 

Story is a bit of a buzz word at the moment.  I hear it mentioned everywhere from the pulpit to the president's speeches.  Stories resonate with people.  A good story allows the audience to be part of the experience. To learn something about the world and about themselves.  Video is a superior tool in the realm of storytelling because it combines elements from multiple mediums into one experience.

I think the key thing to consider is what story you are trying to tell.  A wedding photographer can tell a story through a series of pictures taken throughout the day.  Now add an interview, some motion to those photographs, and some subtle music in the background....a whole new level of engagement occurs.  A photograph can highlight a moment in the story, but I think the story of the day is better told by video.

This example highlights the main point of the blog.  Video has value because it has strengths, as do the other mediums.  The important part of being a communicator, whether that is a photographer, graphic designer, or film maker, is understanding those strengths and using them to reinforce your message.  Which in my realm usually has something to do with a guy named Jesus, who also liked to communicate through stories.


David DietrichComment