The Value of Video

I love photographs.  I love how they can capture an instant, expand a moment and draw attention to every detail causing us to see more every time we look at it.  I love graphic design.  The composting of words and images to create portraits of order and beauty.  I love music.  The rhythms and beats that seem to grab your soul and stir your emotions through the power of sound.  But above all these I love Video.

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Reverse Thinking

A few thoughts about arguably the most popular video I have put together.  It started while I was teaching back around 2008.

Brian Bell is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel in Murrieta, CA.  He's a not only a wonderful pastor and teacher, he is also a bit of an artist, so he would send things my way every once and a while to check out.  One of those things was a YouTube video called Lost Generation.  

Shotguns vs. Sniper Rifles: Methods of Church Communication

When you have a message that needs to get out, the first thought is to get that message out to as many people as possible.  If more people are able to see the message more people are likely to respond to it; it’s a game of percentages.  For national campaigns that are purposed to build identification with a brand this strategy works well.  Blockbuster movies, fast food, automobiles, and other universal products that have appeal to most demographics thrive on this sort of communication.  Your Church announcement does not.

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Discipling People not Data

Every day I help churches take a look at how they are managed.  One of the common situations I run into is a large church being shepherded by a small paid staff.  The staff normally represents less than 5% of the total congregation, and much of the staff is focused on administrative support, not pastoral care.  What ends up happening is there are a handful of people shepherding and discipling hundreds, if not thousands, of congregants.

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